Meet the Yoders

Meet the Yoders

Having grown up Amish, I have a passion for keeping life simple and natural. In my full time work as a farrier and in my wife’s work as a horse trainer and riding instructor, we have seen many horse treats that are full of junk fillers. We wanted to create a horse supplement with great nutritional value.

We have worked countless hours making a perfect product for our beloved farm animals and it is paying off. Our horses are worm free, and the fly population is reduced. Horses that are normally hard keepers are putting weight on and it is staying on. Their coats are shiny, and their hooves are healthy.

Each and every treat is made at our home in Lincoln, California. We mix, air dry and package each treat by hand. We are truly blessed to have a product that is NATURAL and WORKS, and we know you’ll love it too!

-Enos and Tami Yoder

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